Lake Baccarac was stocked in 1978 with Florida strain largemouth bass. The lake is 25 miles long and five miles wide and is 30,000 acres at full pool. The lake record and the Central American record were set in 1993 by Bruce Knutson with a 19.10 lb largemouth bass.

Until now, anglers were inconvenienced by having to spend their evenings and nights in facilities away from the water. But, with the opening of the 2004 fall season, bass fishing in Mexico was changed for the better with the opening of Lake Baccarac Lodge. Anglers are brought directly to the water’s edge over looking Lake Baccarac and the beautiful surrounding mountain scenery.

The lodge is managed by renowned angler and guide, Narlin Salazar. Narlin and his staff are there to ensure your stay is topnotch – from the air-conditioned, spacious rooms, to excellent meals prepared by the cooking staff, to the housekeeping staff who will pamper you – even washing your clothing daily. From the moment you arrive in Mexico until you leave, the staff is there to meet your every need and to make sure your stay is a memorable one.



Then there is the fishing in our customized 18 foot Crestliner boats manned by Lake Baccarac’s most famous guides (Sixto, Manuel, Poncho, Jesus, Sylvano, Poly, Gene, and Pablo just to name a few!) who have an intimate knowledge of the lake. Many of our guides have over twenty years of experience on the lake, and they await you each morning to help you realize every angler’s dream – that mammoth bass of a lifetime.

Lake Baccarac Lodge was built for one reason – to give anglers another opportunity while bass fishing in Mexico, to stay in elegant accommodations while enjoying the world’s best bass fishing. Whether your group is two, or twenty, or you’re pulling your boat, we await your arrival so that we may give you the ultimate bass fishing experience!

Lake Baccarac has come full circle and is once again a true trophy paradise.


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